CSR philosophy

The basis of our corporate philosophy is partnership. We believe that together we can achieve more. We are open to others and are eager to learn from those with different abilities and skills; this we believe is fundamental to improving our human relationships and continuously developing our own personal abilities.

Partnership comes with responsibility. What we can give we must give. The CSR initiatives of Heal Partners focus on organizations and projects that have consistently proven their competences their own areas of activity and have also demonstrated their open-mindedness on a daily level in order to keep on developing themselves. They demonstrate openness to other professions, other people, other abilities and other fields. In the context of cooperation we engages in many memorable joint program with the children helped by the Smile Foundation. In 2012, we were waiting for the Santa Claus in a surprise event and helped the children in the preparation of Christmas presents. In 2014 we organized surprise competition for young runner on the day before Ultrabalton, and we run together with one of the child recover from illness in one part of the Smile Relay.

Smile Foundation
Friends of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music